Month: December 2014


Be Kind to Beer

News alert: beer is not a thirst-quencher! This is one of the distressing discoveries I’ve made over my five years in the tropics. Keep in mind that I love beer and eagerly sample local brews and local honey wherever on this planet I happen to find myself. It’s not been a conscious decision to cut […]

juicing in

Juicing In and Out

I thought I’ve given up on juicing months ago. Juicing felt such a hassle from prep to clean-up. Perhaps with a dishwasher like the one we have in Jersey it would be more tolerable. But really, how do you make time to prepare one when you barely have time to get to work? As I boxed […]

taiwan visa

Need Tourist Visa for Taiwan?

When Jeff and I decided to explore Taipei for the first time early this year we had so much fun we kept on coming back. Another thing that made it so appealing was how easy it was to apply for a tourist visa that took no more than 5minutes. Did I also tell you it’s […]

natural body balm

My Lil Feet-ish

My poor feet have been through a lot. Imagine a year of traveling- hours of walking, running, wearing those not so comfy pretty shoes, and exposure to different elements. I used to be a big fan of going to salons for a mani-pedi session. After taking a much simpler and self-conscious lifestyle 3 years ago, […]

view of taipei from taipei101

Tired of Hong Kong? Try Taipei!

Ok, so you’ve been to Hong Kong a million times and somehow it already feels like a second home. You already know how to get to your favourite local noodle restaurant even with your eyes closed. Going around and out of town does not require you anymore to bring that trusted metro map. That Portuguese […]