Month: February 2016

homemade almond milk

Honest to Goodness Homemade Almond Milk

    “Honest-to-goodness”, that’s my father-in-law’s fave expression. When I had a sip of this homemade almond milk those words just popped into my head If you’re getting tired of your store-bought milk, I dare you to try making your own almond milk. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s nutritious. And it doesn’t involve milking a cow […]

handmade chocolate coconut truffle

Homemade: Heart-Shaped Dark Chocolate Truffles

Valentine’s seemed to be the perfect excuse for another kitchen experiment and to get that cute heart-shaped silicone tray set at Gourdo’s. After all, the hubby is the perfect (and willing) kitchen victim. Ingredients: Dark chocolate (150g) Coconut cream (150g) Maple syrup (2 tsp, add more if you want it sweeter) Himalayan salt (pinch) Cocoa powder […]

I’d surely wake up early if this is my view and definitely do yoga.

Early Morning Yoga Challenge: Day 1

    If you’re the type who finds getting out of bed at 9am an impossible task, you’re not alone. For some, this is completely acceptable especially for consultants like myself except of course for days when clients request an early meeting (but how often is that really). That’s the beauty of owning your time. […]