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September Girls Go to Hong Kong

Nan Lian Garden

I know it’s already November but I super love September. Not only is it my birthday month but also of my favorite ladies’ — my mom and my sister.

This year we decided to bring the entire family, all 7 of us, to Hong Kong and Macau. Thanks to Cathay Pacific’s group deal promo. Our initial plan of hanging out in the euro zone until Oktoberfest had to change due to a consultancy job I took that involved staying in Manila for some time. (Some people actually have to work for a living) 😉

What I love about Hong Kong is that despite being such a small island city, it’s just less than 2 hours away from Manila and there are so many things to do and places to see.

Airfare has become more affordable through the years, even cheaper than Boracay’s. And thanks to my ueber talented travel-fair-bargain- hunter hubby, we got tickets for as low as Php5,000 per person. 24-hour train tickets are also a practical way to get around the city. (Tips to come soon)

Going to Hong Kong is one of things I look forward to especially after weeks of hard work in the office. It’s such a great place to relax. Hiking up the peak after our weekend hotel buffet breakfast. Savoring a bowl of authentic Cantonese noodles and sipping cold Hong Kong milk tea.  Hearing yammering in Cantonese is music to my ears.  I’d like to speak Mandarin in the future. Walking around the parks, gardens, and temples where you feel the nice September breeze. Staring out of the harbor watching boats come in and go and some local guys fishing. I love the juxtaposition of the city life and the closeness to nature that Hong Kong offers.

Nan Lian Garden

Nan Lian Garden

Nan Lian Garden with gang

the gang… hubby hiding behind the camera

faux falls

morning trail

View from the Peak

View from the Peak

Someone is in deep thought

Someone is in deep thought

chow time

Shanghai Street is one of the most historic streets of Hong Kong

hungry bro

he just won’t take his sunnies off…

seafood delight

Temple Spice Crabs offers the best seafood in Kowloon

fried rice and clams

portuguese egg tarts

On Portuguese egg tarts, we just keep on coming back for you


this lady was handing out rolls of toilet paper for dining purposes and the hubby was delightfully amused

hungry couple

Jeff talking about beer passionately

The Big 7

Traveling in a big group can be both fun and demanding. This is the first time I’m actually doing an international trip with 7 family members. The good thing is we’re all adults. Nonetheless, I realized that I have to be more attentive than the usual. In changing trains, I have to alert everyone lest they are left behind. Plans and activities for the day need to be shared in advance with everyone, too. You don’t want them oversleeping in the hotel while you’re already  to hike. Also, you have to be on the look out for group and family deals and ask proactively for discounts at the train, bus, ferry stations, restaurants, museums, and hotels.

double decker ride

@Charmz doesn’t Jeff take the best selfie?

Since it’s all about families, we also met up with cousin Ritchelle who I haven’t seen for 7 years.  We got to meet his cool wife, too. They treated us to a scrumptious lunch which filled our tummies with good food and our hearts with great stories.

birthday lunch

enjoying authentic Chinese dimsum at Maxim’s Palace

hong kong city

Go for it

Hong Kong is a great choice as a first destination for an international solo or family trip. It’s close to home which means easy, quick, and affordable to fly to. There are no visa requirements, only a little sense of adventure is needed. It gives you an idea how it feels like to be somewhere new, where people speak a different language, takes you away from your daily routine, and where food is really good. I suggest you try it, too – on your own and with the entire family.  This is a great gift for you and your loved ones. Better than that new iPhone 6+ or Samsung. Will talk about Macau next so please drop by again.

Stay curious & travel more