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Easier & Faster Australian Visa for Filipinos

australian visa

As Filipino who loves to travel, nothing annoys and frustrates me more than applying for a tourist visas. Waste of time, money, and energy. Embassies require tons of documents that are, even worse, intrusive. Bank accounts, marriage certificates, what’s next your Facebook account? Maybe they should just do that. Require their applicants to access your FB account to assess the risk of letting you in their country. What do you think? At least that would spare us from EDSA traffic. Well, the good news is, the Australian embassy, starting this month, makes it possible to apply for visas online. Good job on that Aussies! It is after all, the age of digital and social media.  For us, this translates to:

  • saving time – Good bye Edsa
  • saving money – Good bye courier fees
  • saving trees – Good bye paper, printing, and photocopying

Click here to go to the Australian embassy visa application

5 Easy Steps in Australian Visa Application

  1. Register on the website [see link above]
  2. Supply all information requested in the online form
  3. Attach a scanned copy of all relevant documents
  4. Sign-up for email alerts for status changes
  5. Pay using your credit card.  AUD 130 or PhP 5,303 [current rates]
Australian Embassy Facebook page

Australian Embassy Facebook page

australian visa application website

Australian visa application website

After 5 working days, I saw a nice little confirmation email from the Australian embassy confirming the granting of my tourist visa. As I have no idea if I will ever have time to come back to Australia, it is after all, a hike from Manila, I opted for single entry only. But it seems like the Aussies are keen to having me back to explore their country and gave me a 1 year multiple entry visa. Generous people, these Aussies! I am not surprised that 3 of their cities were named as top cities to live in by CNN for 4 consecutive years. [Shout out to Norma for sharing this little info]

Here are some of the supporting documents I uploaded in the system to help them grant my visa application:

  1. passport ID page
  2. 2×2 ID picture
  3. certified true copy of birth certificate
  4. marriage certificate
  5. bank certificate
  6. round trip flight tickets
  7. Queen + Adam Lambert concert tickets

Ok, the booked round trip flight and concert tickets were going way overboard. One of Jeff’s past time is looking for cheap flights and buying the really discounted ones. Providing them with screenshot of your desired flights would be sufficient. Imagine the headache you will get if you bought flight tickets and then did not get a visa. There goes your money on the drain.

Recommended supporting documents

  1. passport pages showing international travels (EU/US/Japan visa)
  2. assets (house and lot, car, stock certificates in your name or parents’/spouse’s name)
  3. credit card statements
  4. certificate of employment (with company name, position, salary, years)
  5. certificate of vacation leave approval from employer
  6. DTI business registration (for business owners)
  7. Certificate of school registration/enrollment
  8. NBI clearance to travel
  9. invitation from friends and relatives in Australia

To check the status of your application, you can access it through this link And if you’re the type who needs a real person to talk to, feel free to bug the embassy folks.

Australian Embassy Philippines

Level 23- Tower 2 RCBC Plaza Ayala Avenue, Metro Manila

Telephone#: 632 757 8268 Fax #: 632 757 8269

Counter hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am-12nn for scheduled appointments only.

Call SDP Call Centre to schedule an appointment.

Easy right? So, if you haven’t been to Australia this is the perfect time to plan your visit. Just make sure not to cram things like we did so you can sleep at night. I don’t know if any of you guys also tried to apply for an Australian tourist visa. If you did, we’d like to know your experience. Did you go through an agency? How much did you pay? Was it successful? Any other tips you can share? And speaking of tips, I’ll be sharing with you some of the fun things we did in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. That’s it for now. Stay curious and travel more! Chris