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It’s About Time for Australia

bird flies over harbor bridge

When the past few months have been horribly toxic, unexpectedly strenuous, and completely wrong, and you managed to get yourself out of it, you know it is time to travel again. A fresh start would have to be inspired by no less than an adventure somewhere we have never been before. A gorgeous place with delightful people, food, and culture. And our winning candidate was Australia. A country whose 3 cities- Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth won CNN’s World’s Most Liveable Cities to Live In for 4 straight years starting 2011.

Travel Duration: 7 days

If you’re coming from the Philippines and other neighboring countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore, a 3 day trip will not really work. You wanna make this trip count and not be rushed to coming in and out. This is not Hong Kong nor Taipei where doing a day trip can somehow be justified (at least in my husband’s book).

Tip: Flying on a Friday allows you to also spend weekend in Australia with less vacation leaves. Another trick is to do this in time for the Ninoy Aquino Day (21 August) and National Heroes Day (25 August).

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Walking the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Weather in Destination: Winter

In the Philippines, we only have sunny and rainy days. No such thing as winter and autumn. Australia in August is winter time where the temperature is around 10- 18 degrees Celsius. A fun time to take out your jacket, colorful beanies, and UGG boots. It’s like having aircon everywhere. You can even get lucky and experience snow but if Kangaroos won’t be out in the field I’d rather ditch the snow to see the hopping creatures.

Cities to Cover:

  • Sydney (8 hours flight from Manila)
  • Melbourne (1 hour flight from Sydney)
  • Perth (4 hours flight from Melbourne)

Here’s a taste of what Australia offers

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Melbourne Flinders Train Station

Melbourne Flinders Train Station

Perth Arena

Perth Arena

Preparation Lead Time: 12 days before actual booked flight Admittedly, this was a tight prep time especially for us Filipinos who are required to apply for tourist visas. I suggest you allocate at least 30 working days just for visa processing as you can never tell how long it would take the embassy to process your application. We, lowly Pinoys, are after all are considered as “High Risk” applicants. See right most column below…

australian visa

Australian visa standard processing time as published on the embassy website


Must See and Do:

  • Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge
  • Australian Football League
  • Bondi, Bronte, Coogee Beaches
  • Victoria Market in Melbourne
  • Yarra Valley Winery
  • Queen + Adam Lambert Concert in Perth
  • Swan Valley Brewery Tour
  • Meet Rob, Jeff’s friend based in Sydney
  • Catch up with my cousin Rhyann who I have not seen for 14 years
  • Taunt Sydney people that Melbourne is better and vice versa
  • Savor each cities food and drinks

I’ll talk about this more in the upcoming posts. So stay tuned. But in the meantime, tell us what you think of our Must See and Do list. If you’ve been to Australia, what were on your Must See and Do list?

That’s it for now. Stay curious and travel more!