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Nippon Craft Beer's Far Yeast Sweet Vanilla Stout

Japanese Brewing Revolution

The stereotype concocted to describe Japanese industry asserts that Japan is very good at copying what others have done and introducing marginal improvements and cost-cutting techniques to make quality products at competitive prices. The stereotype suggests, however, that Japan falls short in the area of innovation and that, in recent years, the economy has suffered […]

striking a chord - 6

Striking A Chord

Religion, politics, whether or not to breed — some people seem to orient their lives and choice of partners on these (mindless?) factors. More fundamental factors such as sustenance (finding the best food and beverages), geography (and climate), and relaxation (books and music) are our common challenges and pursuits. Naturally, I’ve had to share with […]


Be Kind to Beer

News alert: beer is not a thirst-quencher! This is one of the distressing discoveries I’ve made over my five years in the tropics. Keep in mind that I love beer and eagerly sample local brews and local honey wherever on this planet I happen to find myself. It’s not been a conscious decision to cut […]