5 Ways to Make Facebook Bring You More Customers

Are you still unsure how you can get customers using your Facebook fan page?

You might have been convinced that there are merits in having a Facebook page for your business especially after reading last month’s  5 reasons why investing in social media is beneficial to your business. Well, worry no more. You’ve come to the right place to help you monetize your Facebook page.

I’d like to avoid being called cruel so I’ve decided to divide this article into 5 parts. More than that, I think you will also feel more accomplished reading 5 articles rather than 1 afterwards. And I writing 5 rather than 1.

The 5 Tips in a Gist

  1. Exhibit how you can turn your thought leadership and product knowledge into useful ideas that elevate your customers’ experience of your product.
  2. Respond to questions, comments, and concerns posted on your Facebook page as soon as possible.
  3. Connect all your media channel presence.
  4. Give incentives for your current fans to share your brand with their families and friends
  5. Use Facebook ads and post promotion to find more customers and online community members.

Thought Leadership Turned into Useful Ideas That Elevate Customers’ Experience of Your Product

It is common for brands to talk about their products’ features, prices, and availability using their Facebook pages. This is important in creating a basic level of brand awareness. Here’s a fun poster from Bliss Yoga shared on their Facebook Page advertising their upcoming partners yoga workshop.

bliss yoga partners yoga workshop

Facebook is a great venue for Bliss Yoga and other yoga studios to share with the netizens the different yoga classes they offer, their studio locations, membership fees, and the profiles of their yoga instructors.

bliss yoga march classes schedule

Brands need to go beyond basic product information sharing and interact with their audience. They need to exercise their strong product, industry, and customer knowledge and turn this knowledge into useful information that enhances customers’ experience with their products.

As experts in their chosen fields, they can proactively share useful information that give value to their readers such as inspirational posts, helpful tips and tricks, and special ways of using, enjoying, or maximizing the benefits from the use of their products or services.

In this post, Bliss Yoga Manila inspires its students to keep practicing their headstands to overcome their fears of doing it. This was also the most liked post on their page for the past 3 months.

bliss yoga headstand encouragement

This is a good start as it shows Bliss Yoga’s understanding of its current student base. It is aware that inversion poses like headstands are one of the most feared poses by yoga students.

To bring it to a more engaging level, creating more content that teaches students about headstands such as a how-to step by step headstand video, 5 ways to do headstand safely, and most common mistakes in doing headstands. They can also poll students and ask them to name the top reasons why they think headstands are so difficult and in another post what made them overcome their fears.

In succeeding posts, I will share with you how content created to enhance customer experience can be maximized using Facebook ads.

To complete this initial post, let me give you more content ideas on how Bliss Yoga and other Yoga studios can exhibit their field expertise to elevate customer experience.

Yoga practitioners can benefit from Yoga Studios discussing these topics in their Facebook pages:

  1. Improving your yoga practice outside the studio tips
  2. Yoga for different types of people (beginners, advanced, couples, pregnant, children, seniors)
  3. Safe yoga practice guidelines (how to avoid injuries)
  4. Cross-training
  5. Health improvement tips (eating habits, recipes, natural remedies, dealing with muscle sore)
  6. Embracing the day with positive attitude
  7. Managing stress (work, home)
  8. Increasing productivity

yoganonymous how to be productive

yoganonymous happier morning tips


Reading these will make your Facebook fans feel that you understand their health and wellness needs. Your current customers will have a deeper relationship with your brand. Readers will be enticed to try out a yoga session in your studio. They will not only go to your physical studio to practice yoga but will continue to partner with you outside the studio by connecting to your online channels such as Facebook.

Your Facebook page needs to be an extension of your physical business location may it be a store or a studio. When people go online to your Facebook Page they need to have a consistent brand experience as when they were in your studio.

That’s it for now. Stay curious and experiment more!