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Juicing In and Out

juicing in

I thought I’ve given up on juicing months ago. Juicing felt such a hassle from prep to clean-up. Perhaps with a dishwasher like the one we have in Jersey it would be more tolerable. But really, how do you make time to prepare one when you barely have time to get to work?

As I boxed and stored my juicer I realised how new it was and almost unused. My hubby was quite pleased with the extra space it has given our already crammed kitchen.

Juicing In

2 weeks ago I decided to give it one more chance. Yes, this is one of my attempt to “quack myself” (a term my hubby use to refer to how I try to cure my ailments). Last year, I was struggling with this horrible gesture-intestinal problem. The tons of meds prescribed by the doctor just whacked my system- causing moodiness, lack of energy and appetite. After doing research, I discovered how adjustments in my diet can help such as doing a lemon water therapy every morning. It has done me so much good that I can’t stop recommending friends to make drinking lemon water a habit.

Vampire energizer, a concoction of organic beetroots and apples, is now my morning miracle. I’m trying to compile a list of natural food remedy for my PCOS. (more posts on that soon). Drinking my vampire energiser makes me feel so energized.  So, I guess the juicer is now back in action at least for now :) Sorry, sweetheart :p

Juicing Out

This juicing obsession apparently extends to more than the internal. Running out of my ZO facial wash, one that was prescribed by dermatologist, I thought it might be time to explore a more natural and sustainable alternative. After researching online, I’m so pleased to have found Juice Beauty. My Juice Obsession #2.

I got myself their trial kit which included a cleanser, blemish remover, oil-free moisturizer and that cute lil green apple peel. I moved some of the cleanser in my travel kit, just in case you’re wondering why is only half full. :)

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It wouldn’t be called obsession if it were a one time thing. I dunno if I should be guilty but I also got their tinted SPF to protect my face from the sun, hydrating mist (which my skin is totally loving especially during flights), and that perfecting foundation for occasions when I have to look more polished for work.

It’s only been a few days but I’m totally loving it. My skin is very sensitive that immediately after using regular facial wash and cream I get a pimple. That was my experience even with La Mer. I was so surprised how gentle the cleanser was. It gave me that feeling of freshness without the overly stretched skin feeling. I’ve also been applying the blemish remover but I can’t tell yet for sure if it has any effect. Let’s see. As for the tinted moisturizer, I’m super loving it that I carry it all the time.

I’m super loving this line, that I even ordered their shampoo and conditioner to see if it will help in bringing back my hair’s missing volume and luster.

Anyways, have to catch my flight.