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Homemade: Heart-Shaped Dark Chocolate Truffles

handmade chocolate coconut truffle

Valentine’s seemed to be the perfect excuse for another kitchen experiment and to get that cute heart-shaped silicone tray set at Gourdo’s. After all, the hubby is the perfect (and willing) kitchen victim.


  1. Dark chocolate (150g)
  2. Coconut cream (150g)
  3. Maple syrup (2 tsp, add more if you want it sweeter)
  4. Himalayan salt (pinch)
  5. Cocoa powder (50g) for dusting


  1. weighing scale (I’ve always taken pride in how I practice accuracy & precision in everything else especially at work. How could I have only thought about this in food prep? If you don’t have one yet, I can assure you,  it’s worth getting it.)
  2. sauce pan
  3. silicone trays or any container
  4. whisk & mixing bowl (or your Kitchen Aid stand mixer)
  5. teaspoon (piping bag/ funnel/ ice cream scoop)


    1. Heat your coconut cream in low temperature until tiny bubbles show up. This is what you will use to melt the chocolates. Chocolates are so sensitive. Heating them directly increases the chance of burning them. Some people do it in the microwave but I don’t like that.
    2. Pour hot cream on crushed chocolates. Make it sit for 3 minutes before mixing. The finer you slice your chocolates, the more even it will melt. I slice mine using serrated bread knife or if I’m feeling lazy with my mini food processor.
    3. Add the salt & maple syrup. Taste it and  add more sweetener if you wish.
    4. Pour melted chocolate on your heart shaped silicone trays. This is easier if you have a piping bag or a funnel. If not you can also work with a teaspoon. Scrape off excess.
    5. Place trays in the freezer overnight.
    6. Remove chocolates from the trays. Drop the truffles in your cocoa powder cup and shake them to cover both sides
    7. Place in a cute mason jar and freeze.
    8. Re-dust and thaw for 2 minutes before serving.

melting in progress

more fun way to tone arm muscles!

because I wasn’t ready to buy a piping bag, i used a teaspoon to get the melted chocolate in the tray. patience at test

finally! it’s surprisingly prettier than I expected and it tastes soooo good


Ok, you can forget about those cheesy heart shapes and go for the more traditional round ones but be prepared to get down & dirty (with hand rolling).

  1. Place the melted chocolate in any container.
  2. After 2 hours in the freezer, take it out and using a spoon or ice cream scoop, scoop out a bit of chocolate.
  3. Roll it in between your palms. Do this quickly to avoid over-melting the chocolate in your hands.
  4. Place round truffle inside your cocoa cup for dusting. Shake container to coat it without touching. Quickly flip to the other side. Truffles are temperature sensitive so avoid touching it too much.

Where to get your ingredients:

Dark chocolates – it’s best to get the ones with 70%-100% cocoa solids. I love the Malagos  all natural 100% dark chocolates produced in Davao. You can buy them in Gourdo’s, EchoStore, or on Malagos’ website. Gourdo’s  has the best price so far (Php 150 for the 153 grams). At EchoStore, they sell it for Php 195. Online, it’s Php 175. Don’t know though if there’s a separate shipping charge when you order via Malagos website.

Coconut cream – try the Fiesta brand which is available in SM supermarkets. It seems to have more of the coconut cream and less of the shit chemicals you can’t even read.

the hubby brought home this coconut cream for me last week for our very first homemade curry. I used the remaining for the chocolate truffles. One of these days, I’ll learn how to make my own.

Here are the coconut cream options you have

Maple syrup we got our maple syrup from healthy options. It’s a bit pricey but well worth it. Other options are coconut sugar, honey, agave syrup. These are better than your refined white sugar.

Cocoa powder EchoStore is a good place to get sustainably produced one. I think healthy options carry some cocoa powder, too.

so far the ones from Davao are my fave

Hope you had fun trying this recipe out and even more fun eating the dark chocolate truffles with your Valentine.