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Early Morning Yoga Challenge: Day 1

I’d surely wake up early if this is my view and definitely do yoga.

    If you’re the type who finds getting out of bed at 9am an impossible task, you’re not alone. For some, this is completely acceptable especially for consultants like myself except of course for days when clients request an early meeting (but how often is that really). That’s the beauty of owning your time. Then again, I ask myself, do I really own my time? The constant traveling to various time zones had not been helpful to me as well in terms of setting a more consistent sleeping and waking time. Add to that the demands of finishing my MBA paper.

Reading about famous successful people who say that waking up early is part of their success formula is really motivating. It definitely confirms research findings that early risers tend to be happier and more productive. I quickly looked at what motivates them to be an early riser and most of them said having time to work out before dealing with everything else. There’s US First Lady Michelle Obama who starts her day with a 4:30 am workout to make her feel good. That might be too early for me though. This month I’m challenging myself to do a 6:30 am yoga practice. Maybe when I’m a first lady or a CEO I can try starting my day at 4:30.

I’m glad to report that today I managed to make it to my early morning class. (wohoo)

No pre-yoga selfie :) just borrowed this photo from the yoga studio’s website

Monterey is the perfect place for morning yoga

just look at this view

The timing is perfect for me to justify throwing in photos of Xian since it’s Chinese New Year

2013 XIAN - 153-imp

2013 XIAN - 112-imp

the juxtaposition of the old & new is such an interesting backdrop for regular yoga practice

2013 XIAN - 114-imp

Here’s a quick list of 15 successful people and how early they wake up.

  1. Tim Cook – CEO, Apple (3:30am)
  2. Brett Yorkmark – CEO, Brooklyn Nets (3:30 am)
  3. Indra Nooyi – CEO, PepsiCo (4:00 am)
  4. Sallie Krawcheck – Chair, Elevate ( 4:00 am)
  5. Michelle Obama – First Lady, US (4:30 am)
  6. Padmasree Warrior – former CTO, Cisco (4:30 am)
  7. Howard Schultz – CEO, Starbucks (4:30 am)
  8. Bob Iger – CEO, Disney (4:30 am)
  9. Ursula Burns – CEO, Xerox (5:15am)
  10. Kara Goldin – CEO, Hint Water  (5:30 am)
  11. Jack Dorsey – CEO, Square and Co-Founder, Twitter (5:30am)
  12. Jeff Immelt – CEO, GE (5:30 am)
  13. Tim Gunn – Co-host & Fashion Consultant, Project Runway (5:30 am)
  14. Richard Branson– Founder, Virgin Group (5:45 am)
  15. Van Paasschen – CEO, Starwood Hotels (5:50 am)
Hopefully, looking at this list motivates you and me to start our day early. I’ll catch you again tomorrow after my early yoga day 2.