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Early Morning Yoga Day 10 : 5 Ways to Sustain Your Practice

Bali - 081

Hello, March! And wohoo to my 10th early morning yoga session. For those who thought that I just magically disappeared after my 1st 6am yoga class, sorry to break it to you but I’m alive and kicking. But yeah, I still struggle lifting my booty off bed to get to my 6am yoga class very much like today. The other day, though my new outfit made me really excited to go to class. I came out of yoga practice with my new outfit drenched in sweat. And it wasn’t even a hot yoga class.

nike outfit

Apart from shopping new clothes to keep the motivation up, here are 5 things which I found helpful in staying motivated and disciplined:

  1. Set SMART goals
  2. Create accountability and rewards
  3. Eat well and on time
  4. Read motivating fitness stories and quotes
  5. Keep it simple

Beautiful Mornings in Bali

Remembering how amazing it is to be outdoors with nature in the mornings make it so much easier to get out of bed. Let me share with you some of our February mornings in Bali last year.  These were the few times when I managed to start my day early. The constant sound of waves pounding the beach actually deprived us of sleep!

waking up late means missing breakfast booo

supposedly Bali’s oldest tree

enjoying a lil vitamin D here

1. Set SMART Goals

You’ll be surprised how much difference it makes when you not only set life goals but when you deliberately make them SMART.

S – specific
M – measurable
A – attainable
R – relevant
T – time-bound

Businesses do not just make profit and succeed out of sheer luck. Now let’s use this simple yet powerful tool to achieve something great for ourselves. Here’s how mine looks like:

smart goal health.001

It’s so simple one can remember it even in sleep. Making it a reality is another story.

2. Create Accountability and Rewards

This is where the hubby comes in. No, he will not go to early morning yoga. (refer to SMART goals: Do not set goals which are unattainable) ? And, no he will not want to wake up early. (He finds the claim about morning people simply preposterous. But don’t mind him). I simply made a mutually beneficial deal with the boy. When I workout, he will also have to workout. No excuses. Wherever we are and however he is feeling. So far it has worked wonders for us. He’s in much better shape and people have been noticing how much younger and fitter he looks.

You can also select rewards for every milestone. Hopefully, something that reinforces your good habits. For every 10 early morning yoga practice session, I’d get myself a spa treatment or that cute sports bra or leggings, or that time to blog.

3. Eat Well and On Time

Figure out the best time to have your meals and snacks so that you nourish yourself well to up your performance. Below is what works for me:

  • before 6 am yoga: lemon water
  • 8 am: breakfast
  • 12 pm: lunch
  •  3 pm: snacks
  •  8 pm: dinner
  •  9 pm: tea

Choose whole foods rich in vitamins and minerals instead of processed food. If you can have home prepared meals, it would be best. Otherwise, find places where you can get organic meals even if it costs more. I learned the habit (and the joy if you will) of making homemade breakfast from my dear hubby. This section definitely deserves its own post.

4. Read Motivating Fitness Stories and Quotes

Feed yourself with inspiring fitness stories and discipline quotes before going to bed, I get mine from:

For the ladies out there, check out Nike’s Margo vs. Lily videos. They’re so cute and funny.

5. Keep It Simple

Find ways to make this new habit simple so that when your motivation wears out, your auto-pilot mode still supports you in achieving your goals.

  • I set Mondays to Fridays as my early morning yoga practice days.
  • I picked a yoga studio which is easy to get to.
  • I registered for their earliest classes and even enjoyed 41% discount.
  • I selected 5 yoga outfit to be my uniform so I don’t have to waste time early in the morning deciding what to wear. (there’s absolutely no excuse for looking crappy even if you haven’t had your morning coffee)

Well, at the end of the day (or beginning, in this case) it just boils down to Nike’s brand slogan: Just Do It! :)