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homemade almond milk

Honest to Goodness Homemade Almond Milk

    “Honest-to-goodness”, that’s my father-in-law’s fave expression. When I had a sip of this homemade almond milk those words just popped into my head If you’re getting tired of your store-bought milk, I dare you to try making your own almond milk. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s nutritious. And it doesn’t involve milking a cow […]

handmade chocolate coconut truffle

Homemade: Heart-Shaped Dark Chocolate Truffles

Valentine’s seemed to be the perfect excuse for another kitchen experiment and to get that cute heart-shaped silicone tray set at Gourdo’s. After all, the hubby is the perfect (and willing) kitchen victim. Ingredients: Dark chocolate (150g) Coconut cream (150g) Maple syrup (2 tsp, add more if you want it sweeter) Himalayan salt (pinch) Cocoa powder […]